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A big weekend of women’s soccer on tap in Fairfax as the Patriots host Old Dominion tonight and William & Mary on Sunday. This season we’ve begun offering video for the home matches with the audio provided by WGMU. Among the “analysts” for some of the men’s games are women’s soccer players Capricia Alston and Kimmy Moss.

The last time the women’s team took the pitch, they came within 11 minutes of upsetting No. 7 Maryland on the road. Here is the first women’s soccer player blog entry, written by Moss. The senior from South Riding, Va. has played in 59 matches for the Patriots with four career goals. She has two assists this season playing in both the midfield and on the back line.

“FINALLY, SOME CAA GAMES! As we enter this weekend, the team is very excited to begin our regular season play with ODU on Friday and William & Mary on Sunday. Having been back at school since the beginning of August for preseason, we’ve been waiting around for conference games for awhile now.

“We grew a lot as a team during our out-of-conference play this season. It’s always hard at the beginning of a season to have everything come into place right away. You find glimpses of great play during games, but struggle to maintain that play consistently. Fortunately for us, at the conclusion of our out-of-conference season, it seems like we understand how hard we need to work and what we need to do on the field in order to connect. We support each other and are all willing to do whatever it takes to win. With all of these things combined, I really believe that we know what rhythm we need to find on the field in order to be successful, and we are fully capable of finding that rhythm right from kickoff.

“Just in our last two games, we learned some valuable lessons that will only make us stronger as we begin the third phase of our season. While we had a fantastic second half against UMBC and went on to win 4-3, we realized how important it is to not come out flat. Trailing UMBC at halftime was a huge wake up call. It’s one thing be a little slow at the start of a game, but conceding two goals to a team we had far more talent than? Unacceptable. With that said, our refuse-to-lose mentality that we brought to the second half helped establish the standard by which we need to always play by. And fortunately, since then, I don’t think we have failed to play with that same passion. So as frustrating as that game may have been initially, we grew from the experience for the better and are not looking back.

“As for our game against Maryland…  well, what can you really say after almost beating the No. 7 team in the country? At the end of the day, almost winning doesn’t equal winning. But knowing that we may not lose again this season if we battle all the teams in the CAA like we did Maryland? Now that’s a good feeling. If anything, that game gave us confidence that we are capable of playing with anyone if every single player on our team shows up to play at her very best.

“But just making all these incredibly optimistic claims (as I often do simply because that’s the type of person I am!) means nothing. It’s time to back everything up on the field now, and I don’t doubt that we are fully prepared to do so. If we can continue to play with great passion, determination, and patience in each and every game, we will go very far this season. All we have to do is take it one game at a time.”

The women’s soccer team opens the CAA season tonight at 6 p.m. Here are some interviews with Omolyn Davis, Nicole Peters and head coach Diane Drake talking about this weekend’s action. Hope everyone can make it out tonight. And if you can’t make it to tonight’s women’s soccer match, you can catch the women’s volleyball team in action tomorrow night when they open CAA play by hosting James Madison at 7 p.m. The Patriots won the CAA title last year so everyone will be gunning for them this year.

Following the women’s soccer match on Sunday will be the Student-Athlete Olympics. In the past, the Athletics Department has sponsored a Student-Athlete Picnic. This year’s event will be in the Field House immediately following the match. For about two hours the school’s 22 varsity sports will be divided into 10 teams and compete a la Color War in events such as Tug of War, Balloon Toss and Dodge Ball. If GoMason Blog was running the event, we would stack the Green and Gold teams.


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