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The No-Name Gang and the Three-Story Alley-Oop

The GoMason Blog was at men’s basketball picture day on Wednesday and not only did we get a look at the new uniforms, we also had a chance to talk to a few players and Coach L about them as well as what picture day means.

First we caught up with Coach L, who told us that he still hadn’t seen the new uniforms. He leaves picking out each year’s model to the seniors. Cam Long and Ike Tate sat down with the Nike catalogue, got input from their teammates and came up with this year’s model. So Coach L called Ryan Pearson over and the junior showed off the white uniform, which, among other things, has “Patriots” in gold on the side of the shorts. Coach seemed to approve and then pointed out the only input he had into selecting the outfits – No names on the jersey.

Pearson said he didn’t like that at first, but he got the idea behind it. And the more he’s thought about it, the more he thinks it can be a good thing. Luke Hancock and Cam Long both agreed that it can only help team chemistry. Mike Morrison had the best response to being asked about no name on the back of the jersey.  “E pluribus unum, thirteen into one.” Well, close Mike. It’s actually “Out of many, one.” But major props for busting out the latin. Morrison also said that while other teams had started going with just “Mason” on the jersey, the men’s basketball team was going to keep it “old school” by going with the full “George Mason.”

We asked all of them what picture day meant to them, if anything. Hancock said it means “things are getting started.” Pearson said he tries to do something different every year with his hair. Coach L said he went back and checked out the 2007-08 picture, when we won the CAA title, and the 2005-06 picture, when we went to the Final Four, so he could try to wear a similar tie. Why not just wear the same tie? “We auctioned that one off,” Coach L said. The GoMason Blog nearly smacked itself in the forehead after hearing that.

Finally, last year we asked Cam which of the six freshmen the fans were going to enjoy watching the most. He didn’t hesitate to answer “Luke Hancock.” This year, we asked him who improved the most over the summer.  His answer? Luke Hancock. “Because that’s one person that stays in the gym. One thing he didn’t really do last year was shoot the 3. Now he’s one of the people we go to on the perimeter.”

Below is a never-before-seen video of Luke Hancock tossing a three-story alley-oop pass to Mike Morrison. We’re pretty sure this won’t work in a game.


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