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Women’s Volleyball Player Blog with Fernanda Bartels

Senior Fernanda Bartels returns for this week’s women’s volleyball player blog and describes the feeling of being atop the CAA standings early through the conference portion of the schedule after big road wins at Northeastern and Hofstra.

It was one of loudest crowds I have ever heard and seen. The Northeastern pep band was playing, hecklers were being creative, and I could barely hear PK’s instructions during the game. Playing with a crowd in your favor is great, but playing against a crowd is even better. Despite all of that, Kelly, our libero, was the loudest in the gym.  I recall stopping for a moment, and just listening to Kelly talking on the court. By winning long rallies and exciting plays, we shut down Northeastern and its crowd.

It was a fun match to play, and it was an important win for our team. With this win, we gained confidence to play Hofstra on Sunday. With this win, we reinforced the desire to be the best team on our conference.  And we are planning to beat everyone that crosses our way.

Hofstra was on our way last Sunday. We respected the opponent, and played with the same excitement shown on Friday. We ended up winning the match in three sets, adding another conference victory to our record.

Now we are tied with Georgia State on the top, with three conference wins. We know what it’s like to be on the top of the conference, and we like that feeling. I think it bothers our team that we are tied with Georgia State right now. We don’t want to be tied for first; we want to be in first. Once you had the feeling of being first and winning, you don’t want anything else. Second or third is not good enough.  Tied for first is not good enough. We want to host the conference championship, and become champions at home. We want to be first, and we won’t accept anything less than that.

To be first in our conference, we have to beat Georgia State on Friday, and then UNC Wilmington on Saturday. We’re looking forward to this weekend, and the excitement increases as Friday gets closer. We have to take one match at a time, and understand it’s only the beginning of the season. A lot is yet to happen. But we also understand that winning the conference is a process. Winning two matches this weekend is part of the journey.


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