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Men’s Soccer vs. Towson – Live Blog

Postgame interviews:

0:00 -MASON WINS!!!! Patriots down Towson, 3-2. Patriots now 1-3-1 on the year in the conference, 5-5-1 overall. Towson is 7-3-1, 1-3-1.

2:00- Foss cleared with his head. His defense has been a fabulous counterpoint to Marquez’ offense.

2:15 – Towson corner coming.

4:23 – A Mason throw-in now after the Patriots send in a few subs. Patriots definitely playing defense now as they have just a few players forward despite being in the attacking third.

6:47 – Alex Herrera is injured and Eber Martinez will sub in for him. Towson will have a throw-in in their attacking third. The Tigers have definitely recaptured the momentum. Right now, it’s about surviving for the Patriots.

8:59 – Towson goal. Mangione scored for Towson taking passes from O’Rourke and Horta. He shot from the left side goal far post. Things are tense again at the Towson Center Soccer Complex.

10:00 – Towson goal disallowed due to offsides. Mason is now 10 minutes from their first Colonial Athletic Association win of the season. It would also snap a four-match winless streak. First, though, a Towson corner kick.

11:43 – GOAL FOR MASON! Marquez, apparently is the Man of the Match as he played a beautiful through ball up the right side to Hugh Roberts who took a touch then beat the keeper at the left post. Mason 3, Towson 1.

13:00 – Marquez might have a goal and an assist but Mike Foss might be the Man of the Match with yet another fine defensive play with Towson threatening in the box. His pass up the line launched a Mason counter which resulted in a Gracia shot, albeit wide.

17:20 – Foss with an excellent defensive play on the verge of the box to clear things for Mason with Towson threatening.

20:00 – Mangione had a decent look taking the ball out of the air at 20 yards but it was well off the mark. The Patriots had so much energy between the first and second goals but they seem content to have a one-goal lead.

21:29 – GOAL FOR MASON!!! Mike Foss with a HUGE goal for the Patriots. He headed in Marquez’ corner kick at the far post to put the Patriots ahead 2-1. It’s going to be a tense final 21:29.

21:35 – Here comes a Mason corner. Chase Miller played a beautiful ball up the right side to Taylor Morgan and he and Viteritti collided just outside the box. No foul was called but a Mason corner resulted.

26:00 – Parker Walton JUST wide of the net and Mason AGAIN attacking and AGAIN getting called for offsides. That’s a season-high eight offsides for the Patriots. A LOT of chatter on the field right now as the Patriots are supporting each other.

29:06 -GOAL FOR MASON! Ernesto Marquez took a ball from Alex Herrera on the right wing and went far post for an EASY goal to make it 1-1.

32:25 – Cote broke up a Matteo Vertucci 1v1 opportunity. A terrific play in goal to keep it 1-0.

33:35 – Yellow card on Chase Miller now at midfield. Mason got possession however off the direct kick.

35:00 – Ryan Gracia given a yellow card 20 yards out of the Mason goal. A direct kick for the Tigers gave Marco Mangione a wide-open look from 25 yards but his left-foot sliced well wide.

35:50 – Morgan had a shot from 10 yards blocked on a terrific opportunity after Towson thought it cleared the ball. The Patriots got another corner kick but this one was caught out of the air by the keeper.

36:10 – Parker Walton had a decent opportunity from 25 but Towson blocked the shot. Now Taylor Morgan earned a corner kick for the Patriots.

40:45 – A Mason shot from Ryan Gracia found the frame but it was right into the arms of Viteritti.

41:30 – Sean Cote is in net now for Mason. The Patriots had a long throw-in early in the half from Mike Foss and Eric Zuehsow followed with a pass to the far post but Mason was whisteled for its fifth offsides.

45:00 – At the half, Towson 1, Mason 0. We’ll see what adjustments the Mason coaching staff has up its sleeve as the Patriots finished the half without a shot.

46:19 – Toure was hurt (again hitting the ground in the Towson box) and Hugh Roberts is coming on to replace him.

49:15 – A Mason foul leads to a Towson corner kick which leads to a Towson throw-in deep in Mason territory. Eventually the Tigers shot the ball wide. The Patriots are definitely on their heels. It seems like they need the half to come.

55:00 – The Patriots are having trouble shaking off the goal. Towson has threatened to make it 2-0 several times, first with a throw-in nearly identical to the one that scored the goal, then with a corner kick that got a little too deep into the box. An offsides call just saved a 1v1 opportunity helping Mason out.

60:55 – Towson had a long throw-in that Martinez tried to clear but instead it found an unmarked Joe O’Rourke who one-timed the ball into the back right corner of the Mason net. The Tigers have put the Patriots in a 1-0 hole.

62:00 – Towson keeper Angelo Viteritti just beat Alhagi Toure to the ball by a hair to keep it 0-0.

62:30 – Corner kick coming for Mason.

65:00 – Hold onto your seats. The whistle blew and it was a call against Towson. The Tigers were called for a foul in the 21st  minute. Mark it.

67:30 – It is most definitely going to be one of those days for Mason. The offsides flag went up on a ball played down the sideline but the referee insisted on it being a throw-in. The Patriots are possessing the ball beautifully however and it does seem as if it’s only a matter of time until there’s a Patriot goal.

73:00 – Steve LeVine almost gave Towson a 1-0 lead as his shot was deflected and the change in trajectory almost put it in the net high. Bixler adjusted well to save the ball and the Patriots cleared the ensuing corner kick to keep the match scoreless.

77:00 – There’s the third offsides call. Despite the aggressiveness, Towson is the one with the game’s lone shot, which Bixler had no problem stopping. The aggressiveness is bleeding over as well to fouls where Mason has been whistled for three and Towson for none.

80:00 – Remember you can leave comments or questions about the men’s soccer team and today’s match by clicking here.

81:00 – Two offsides already for Mason. The Patriots average a little less than three offsides per match so that’s one sign of the aggressiveness.

83:00 – Eber Martinez was just shoved in the back and thrown to the ground in the Towson box. No call. Is it going to be one of those days for the Patriots?

85:00 – The offense has been a bit inconsistent for the Patriots the past few games and they are clearly trying to get things going early. Much more aggressive wit the ball in the first five minutes even without a scoring chance.

90:00 – The Patriots are in green today and Towson is in white shirts and black shorts. The ball chasers and game personnel might outnumber the fans. OK, seriously, it’s not that bad. GoMason Blog counted and there are 37 fans here for this Wednesday afternoon contest.

-10:00 – Here are the starters for the contest. For the Patriots, Fro Adu, Eric Zuehsow, Ernesto Marquez, Cooper Barnham, Alex Herrera, Eber Martinez, Draymond Washington, Taylor Morgan, Derek Markheim , Zak Haapaoja and in goal, Mark Bixler. For Towson, Phil Greatwich, Roslin Nzokou, Joe O’Rourke, Liam Maloney, Marco Mangione, Scott Horta, Christian Hofer, Stefan Froedert, Olakunle Najo.

-15:00 – Now THIS is soccer weather. The GoMason Blog is in Towson, it is mid 60s, crisp, slight breeze… the definition of an autumn day. The men’s soccer team takes on Towson in about 15 minutes as the Patriots (4-5-1, 0-3-1) will be looking for their first Colonial Athletic Association win while the Tigers (7-2-1, 1-2-1) will be looking to even their CAA record. Starters in a minute.


4 responses

  1. daniel

    Hi,where is our offense power

    October 13, 2010 at 3:38 pm

    • The Patriots have not found the best combination yet, and that’s part of the problem. Coach Greg Andrulis has shaken up the lineup the past few games looking for that right combination. Taylor Morgans had some great opportunities against William & Mary but couldn’t capitalize. Towson has done a good job of running an offsides trap today. Uncalled fouls in the box haven’t helped, either.

      October 13, 2010 at 3:43 pm

  2. daniel

    good job GMU

    October 13, 2010 at 4:25 pm

  3. daniel

    Congratulation Mason!!!

    October 13, 2010 at 5:03 pm

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