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Women’s Volleyball Player Blog with Lauren Goodell & Danielle Cook

Sophomores Lauren Goodell and Danielle Cook took time this week to share their thoughts about the women’s volleyball team’s season thus far and preparing for this weekend’s huge home matches against William & Mary and VCU. Be sure to join Lauren, Danielle and her teammates at the RAC this Friday and Saturday night and support the Patriots.

Coming off of a two-win weekend after beating Georgia State and UNC Wilmington, we are officially seeded number one in the conference. This weekend we play William and Mary and VCU, who were both roadblocks for our team last season. With James Madison and Delaware right on our heels both having 4-1 records, we are ready to put more space between them and us this weekend.  We’re working very hard every week to prepare for the teams we are up against. We practice against their offense to better prepare ourselves to defend against them. We would say this greatly helps us come Friday and Saturday night when we can put all that practice to the test. Every practice is a day that allows us to continue to better our game in order to reach our ultimate goal, to be the best.

We continue to be inspired by the men’s volleyball crew due to their goofy antics and actions that get the crowd excited. When you have a big crowd behind you it really adds to the team’s excitement.  We are very grateful to have such a strong support group behind us, and great thanks to the Marketing class who have been working hard to fill our gym with supporters.

— Lauren Goodell & Danielle Cook


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