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Mason Madness, GoMason Blog Style

The Patriot Center was electric on Friday night for Mason Madness, and even if you were there, you didn’t see and hear all the things the GoMason Blog got to see and hear. And we’ve got it all for you.

First let’s rundown the evening. Men’s basketball juniors Mike Morrison and Ryan Pearson welcomed the crowd. Dressed in shirt, tie and jacket to match their basketball shorts and high tops, they thanked the fans for coming out to support the teams and they also worked the crowd like the pair of warm-up comedians they are.

Pearson and Morrison were followed by a performance from UrbanKnowology. GoMason Blog sees it every single year – nothing gets the players as excited as UrbanKnowology. They will push and shove each other to get a better view of performance.

*** SPOILER ALERT *** Check out the GoMason Blog on Monday for Sherrod Wright’s video diary of the dunk contest. GoMason Blog gave the sophomore a video camera and asked for his commentary of the event. *** END SPOILER ALERT ***

Next President Alan Merten, women’s basketball head coach Jeri Porter and men’s basketball coach Jim Larranaga spoke to the crowd. After that Doc Nix and the Green Machine worked the crowd with the new “Be A Patriot” chant. Mason Athletics shot a video of the crowd and you’ll be sure to see that used all season long.

Next came the Masonettes and as always, they looked sharp. They were followed by Peter Rabbit, one of the best street bucket drummers in the world. At least that’s what his bio says, but who are we to argue with a man who has performed with Kanye West and been a part of “Bring In Da Noise Bring In Da Funk.”

Finally the Dance and Cheer teams performed together and after the Ball Blaster gave out some free gifts to fans, it was time for player introductions. The women’s team scrimmaged, the men’s team scrimmaged and then there was a little thing known as a dunk contest. Three teams competed, the freshmen and seniors were one team, the sophomores were a team and the juniors defended the title they had won each of the previous two years . Except the juniors had a sophomore on their team. Somehow, Luke Hancock ended up on Andre Cornelius, Mike Morrison and Ryan Pearson’s squad. Hancock is one of the two most explosive dunkers in the sophomore class. The other, Sherrod Wright, was injured and didn’t participate. Sounds to GoMason Blog like the fix was in. Read on to see what some of those sophomore thought of Hanock’s defection.

But a picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. Check out video from this year’s Mason Madness:

Now, as promised, here are some of the many tidbits GoMason Blog accumulated during the evening.

Johnny Williams got some brand new ink across his chest. A big tattoo that reads “King of Kings”.

Brittany Poindexter enjoyed Peter Rabbit so much, she admitted she was going to go home that evening and try the same thing out in her kitchen. “I may even get some pans in there and try something different.

A LONG conversation was witnessed between current women’s basketball head coach Jeri Porter and former women’s basketball coach Debbie Taneyhill. The women’s basketball team held an alumni event and back in 1989, Taneyhill was CAA All-Rookie. She was also a three-time All-Academic Team member before going on to coach the Patriots for more than a decade.

Evelyn Lewis was thrilled to see so many fans in the stands. “It felt good, it’s just… can they come during the season?” When asked to state her case to the fans, she replied “You should come out and watch us play. We’re going to give you a show and we’re going to win.”

Isaiah Tate said the strategy of the seniors and freshmen in the dunk contest was to “throw it as high as we can and dunk it as hard as we can.” Ike also thought the juniors were due for a letdown. “One of them is going to slip up. I’m banking on Luke. I think he’s going to try to do something crazy and he’ll miss. Maybe DJ (Andre Cornelius). You know, if the pass to him isn’t perfect…” Ike, your reasoning was sound, no doubt about it. Unfortunately, Luke didn’t miss, the pass to DJ was perfect, and the whole thing was over the minute Doc Nix threw an alley-oop to Mike Morrison. “If he didn’t have those long arms, we would have been in trouble,” said Doc.

So what about the dunk contest? How in the world did Luke Hancock end up with the juniors and what repercussions are coming?

“They ganged up on us, they took Luke,” Johnny Williams told us. “He betrayed us. He left us hanging. He was like ‘I want to go to a team that can win.’

“In the end, I knew we had no chance,” confided Rashad Whack. We just went out there trying to entertain.”

“It was Coach Huger,” said Hancock, trying to shift the blame. “He told me to go with them.”

“I had nothing to do with it,” Huger said.

Sounds as if this buck is going to keep getting passed.

Remember to come back here on Monday for Sherrod Wright’s video diary and commentary of the dunk contest.


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