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Women’s Volleyball Player Blog with Fernanda Bartels

Senior Fernanda Bartels checks in with this week’s women’s volleyball player blog, discussing the weekend ahead and looking forward to the final stretch of the regular season.

Every team looks forward to playing the top team on the conference. It is a mix of fear, excitement, and anxiety. Everyone wants to beat the favorite or the defending champion. For some teams, beating that team is like winning the championship match.

Delaware has been that team for the best three years. Delaware has been the team to fear. Some teams couldn’t perform against Delaware, other teams played like they had nothing to lose.

I remember going to their gym, and walking down the hallway. I remember seeing their 2007 and 2008 CAA Championship trophies. It was quite intimidating.

It’s time to visit Delaware’s gym again, and see their trophies. I still have the same respect for Delaware that I did before. Along with VCU, Delaware might be our biggest competition this season. The last time we saw them was during the 2009 CAA Championship. We beat them in five sets – a game that many of us will always remember.  After that match, we knew we were going to win the conference.

We play Towson on Friday and Delaware on Saturday. With the loss from last week, our record is now 6-2. We are now tied for third with James Madison. Delaware is first at 7-1, followed by VCU with a 7-2 record.

This weekend is important to put us back on the winning track, and establish ourselves as one of the top teams. Bringing home two wins is important not only for our standing in the conference, but also for our confidence.


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