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Mad Libs: Mason Men’s Basketball Edition

Remember when you were a kid and you loved to play Mad Libs? Well, GoMason Blog now presents you with a Mason Men’s Basketball Mad Lib. And don’t forget to come back to the GoMason Blog later this afternoon to read an entry from Bill Rohland about the first day of the men’s basketball team’s trip to Charleston.


Come up with the following items than fill it in the text below in order

Location: _____________

Number: _____________

Ivy League school: _____________

Verb ending with “ing”: _____________

Type of Tree: _____________

Adjective: _____________

Cardinal Direction: _____________

Verb: _____________

Verb ending with “ed”: _____________

TV channel: _____________

Noun: _____________

Noun: _____________

Once upon a time, there was a team from _______________ known as the George Mason Patriots. The team hadn’t been around for too long, but people around the world knew of them because of their trip to the Final _______________ in 2006.

In 2010-11, the Patriots opened the season with a win over _______________. Mason used defense and strong-second half   _______________ to win the contest. Armed with the victory, the Patriots headed to the _______________ State to play in the Charleston Classic. A first-round game against Charlotte turned out to be a _______________ affair with Mason coming out on top. That led to a second-round game with _______________ Carolina. After another easy ______________ Mason had a day off during which the Patriots _______________ and relaxed and watched highlights of their win on   _______________ .

The Charleston Classic Championship _______________ saw Mason take on one of the tournament’s most dangerous teams but they proved no match for the Patriots. On Sunday night, it was Mason hoisting the _______________ in the air as the team returned home with a 4-0 record.


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