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Watching With the Masses

Did you happen to catch that game in Charleston tonight? We’re guessing you did but in case you didn’t, here is what you need to know. Mason opened an early lead, kept it comfortable until right before the half when Charlotte pulled to within four. But Mason built on its six-point halftime lead slowly before exploding midway through the second half, using an 11-4 run to eventually power to a 78-56 win.

Luke Hancock was the star with 18 points while Mike Morrison went for nine points and nine rebounds. Jonathan Arledge and Vertrail Vaughns combined for 14 points off the bench.

GoMason Blog watched most of the game at Brion’s Grille as part of the Watch Party there and Mason fans (and there were plenty of them there) definitely enjoyed the rout. Early in the game, there was definitely grumbling about the free throw shooting (Mason finished the game 6 of 11 from the line) but that disappeared down the stretch. Fans definitely enjoyed Vertrail’s 3-pointer, Cam’s pull-ups and Luke’s 11-straight points in the second half.

GoMason Blog definitely enjoyed the extended shots of guest blogger Jay Marsh as officials, late in the second half, checked the monitor when the clock stopped working.

Tomorrow we’ll once again hear from Bill Rohland and don’t forget that at 11 a.m. on, there will be a live chat with senior Isaiah Tate.


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