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Thanksgiving Thoughts from the GoMason Blog

Happy Thanksgiving, Mason Nation. Yesterday the GoMason Blog brought you the favorite Thanksgiving dishes of some student-athletes and coaches. We asked the same group of Masonites what Thanksgiving means to them and here are their responses.

Eric Zuehsow – Men’s Soccer Player

It seems as over the years while away at college, staying in touch with family becomes harder and harder. Life just keeps getting more busy and complicated, so I think it’s a great way to sort of slow things down and really appreciate your family and all that they have done for you.

Kimmy Moss – Women’s Soccer Player

When I was a kid, Thanksgiving was all about the food– competing with my brothers to see who could eat the most, falling asleep immediately after, and never actually helping out with the dishes. 🙂  Things have changed as I’ve gotten older.  I appreciate the time together with my family so much more now.  I understand what it means to be thankful, and I understand how important it is to show my thankfulness with gratitude…even though that generally means having to do 3/4 of the dishes… Nowadays, I see Thanksgiving as enjoying every part of the holiday that I possibly can.  The cooking, the football, the running I do so I don’t get out of shape for track… All to be enjoyed. Every moment of it is precious time with my amazing family!

Angelee LaTouche – Women’s Basketball Player

Giving thanks back, and a day off from school.

Christine Weithman – Women’s Basketball Player

Relaxing and hanging out with my family

Andrew Gerard – Director of Men’s & Women’s Track & Field/Cross Country

Well, each year Thanksgiving comes just after the conclusion of our fall cross country season, so the biggest thing for me is, after almost three months of 6-7 day work weeks, team travel, and recruiting, I get to spend a long weekend with my wife and kids!  We don’t even really have to do anything for that time to be special for me.  Thanksgiving means spending quality time with my wife and kids! I look forward to it every year…

Fernanda Bartels – Women’s Volleyball Player

Well, considering that I am not American, I can tell you what I have learned about Thanksgiving for the past three years. It is a time of the year to spend with your family, and be grateful for what you have in your life. It is a good break to rethink about what really matters, and appreciate the simple things, like the opportunity to have a great meal surrounded by the people you love.

Jim Larranaga – Men’s Basketball Head Coach

Thanksgiving is about three of the most important things in your life – God, family and friends. Being thankful for being so blessed to having all 3 in your life.


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