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Women’s Basketball Player Blog by Brittany Eley

The women’s basketball team is 2-2 on the year and tonight the Patriots host Radford at 7 p.m. at Patriot Center. GoMason Blog asked Brittany Eley to check in with some thoughts on the season so far and what lies ahead. Here’s what she had to say:

We are now four games into the season and we are making great progress.  We are finally able to play on our home floor after our first three games being on the road.  We have been working hard every day from practice, weights, and film to prepare ourselves for the long season in which we plan on having a great amount of success.  Right now we are on Thanksgiving break in school which means no class!  There is nobody on campus but the men’s and women’s basketball teams.  We have two and a half more weeks of this semester and then finally we get a long break from school.  After this semester I have one more until I graduate.  With today being Thanksgiving, we get to go home and spend valuable time with our families and eat some good home cooked food.  During the season being able to see our families doesn’t happen very often, so it is great to have some time off to go home and relax with them.  Tomorrow is game day which means a lot of excitement and anxiety.  We play Radford University, which is where our current coach was at for many years.  We plan on coming out and playing our game to get this win.  I have seen our team grow and get better every day and through every game, and I am excited what we will look like once conference starts.  Each game we have played on the road has taught us something and we plan of taking each one of those lessons and applying it to the upcoming games.  In order for our team to have even more success we need support from the GMU students to come out to games and cheer us on.  GO PATRIOTS!!!!!



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