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Q & A with Folarin Campbell

This men’s basketball season, George Mason will commemorate the fifth anniversary of the school’s first-ever Final Four appearance with a special bobblehead giveaway. Each of the five starters from the 2006 team will be featured during a select game this season. The first giveaway is tomorrow night when the Patriots take on George Washington at 7 p.m. at Patriot Center. Folarin Campbell, a sophomore on that year’s team, is the subject of the first bobblehead.

GoMason Blog had a chance to do a Q&A with Folarin, who has played in Italy and Germany since leaving Mason. Here are his responses:

Q – What is your top memory of the Final Four season?

A – My top memory of the Final Four (season) was actually winning that Elite 8 game over UConn and just looking at all of our fans at the Verizon Center just celebrate that victory with us.

Q – How often do people stop you to talk about the Final Four?

A- People stop me every day to talk about that Final Four run. I even get stopped overseas to talk about our amazing run.

Q – What does it feel like to walk into Patriot Center and see the Final Four banner?

A – It is an amazing feeling to walk into the PC and see that banner hanging. That is the first thing I see when I walk into the gym every time.

Q – What’s been the highlight of your professional career?

A – I don’t think I’ve reached a highlight of my career but I was part of a historic game that happened this year. We won a game 103-102 and the historic part of it is that we were down by 28 at half and we came back and won by 1. Great game. I finished that game with a season-high (so far) 21pts.

Q – Who is your favorite player on the current team?

A – I don’t have a favorite player on the team but I wish all of them the best and I want them to have the best season possible. And I also want the seniors to be successful and enjoy their last year of college basketball.


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