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Reclaiming the Orange Line

So Mason took a 60-46 win over George Washington last night, and the victory meant a little something extra to the Patriots players for two reasons. First off, it gives Mason bragging rights over the Colonials, whose campus is less than 20 miles from Fairfax. Secondly, it gives the Patriots revenge for last year’s 17-point loss at Charles E. Smith Center.

GoMason Blog asked some Patriots what bragging rights REALLY means.

“They mean a lot especially with two schools so close together,” senior Isaiah Tate said. “We know them off the court; we see them all the time and they see us all the time, especially at different functions school-to-school. And I can say since last year when we lost to them, it hurts seeing them everywhere else, and it’s like ‘Yo, we’ve got to get them back.’ So now that we got the win out of the way, it’s kind of a weight off our shoulders. I guess we got the Orange Line back.”

“I think really what bragging rights is, it’s the upper hand,” senior Cam Long said. “If they would have won tonight, it would have been 2-0. We just couldn’t have that. We couldn’t have that at all. Bragging rights now… last year was last year. They can’t really talk about that. But since we won this year, they can’t say nothing but understand that they lost.”

“I don’t think it’s necessarily bragging rights, it’s the fact that they know us, we know them, we hang out together some times and for us to go there last year and lose how we did, it’s just embarrassing,” junior Mike Morrison said. “So we wanted to do the same to them as they did to us. So I guess it is a little bit of bragging rights, but it’s more so revenge in a way and to get the win that we needed anyway.”

Revenge also played a role in last week’s 26-point win over Radford. Last year, Mason played at Radford and lost by 27 points. So it was a complete role reversal from last year’s performance, much like Wednesday night against George Washington.

“You can’t forget a loss like that, that’s something you’re going to always remember,” Long said. “Especially the Radford game because that was my birthday. I was hurting on that one for real. I wasn’t really thinking about that margin I just wanted to beat them worse. But we got the job done so that’s all that counts really.”

“Honestly, yes (I was thinking about the margin),” said Morrison. “I wanted to beat them by just as much as they beat us if not more. We wanted more. We fell short but we still got the victory this year. So we’re very happy with our revenge set. Now we just have to continue through conference play and do our thing.”

We’ll leave the final words to junior Andre Cornelius.

“They’ve been talking. A lot. Winning this game helped. Now I can talk.”

Here is what the local media is saying about last night’s game:

Washington Post: George Mason defeats George Washington, 80-46

Potomac News: Patriots make passing a priority in victory over George Washington

Washington Examiner: Free throws aid Patriots against Colonials, 60-46

Associated Press: George Mason drops GWU in Battle of the Orange Line

Connect2Mason: Men’s Basketball wins Battle of the Orange Line

TheGWHatchet: GW falls to Orange Line rival

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