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Q&A with Tony Skinn

On Wednesday night Mason fans had a chance to collect the first of five bobbleheads being given out this season to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the school’s first-ever Final Four. Each of the five starters from the 2006 team will be featured during a select game this season. The GW game was a chance for fans to pick up a Folarin Campbell bobblehead. Tomorrow night, when Mason hosts UNCW at 7:30 p.m. on MASN, fans can pick up a Tony Skinn bobblehead.

Skinn, a senior on that team, has gone on to a professional career playing in France, Croatia, Italy, and Germany, where he currently plays. GoMason Blog had a chance to do a Q&A with Skinn and here are his responses:

Tony Skinn

Q – What is your top memory of the Final Four season?

A –  My most favorite memory of the Final Four season (and there were many) would have to be against UNC at Dayton. Not being able to play in the first game, I was ecstatic about being able to play in the tourney against the Tar Heels and beating them was more satisfying and was just an unbelievable feeling.

Q – How often do people stop you to talk to you about the Final Four?

A – It happens all the time. That was and still is my claim to fame, even in my fifth year as a pro. Whenever I start my season in Europe, whether it’s in Italy, France, or Croatia, guys remember me as the point guard on that team.

Q – What does it feel like to walk into the Patriot Center and see the Final Four banner?

A – Well, I haven’t been back to a game since they put it up, but I work out during the summers in the Patriot Center and I’ve seen it. I don’t think I’ll know the actual feeling until I have a chance to be in a game atmosphere and looking at the banners

Q – What’s been the highlight of your professional career?

A – The highlight of my professional career, I think would be my 2008-2009 season in France. I was voted an All-Star and played my best pro season on a really good team. I’ve had some successful seasons so hopefully I have a couple more left.

Q – Who is your favorite player on the current team?

A – Honestly, I don’t know the answer to that question. I’m a little familiar with Andre Cornelius and he is a little guy so I gotta say him.

For what it’s worth, Lamar Butler likes Skinn’s bobblehead the best. “It looks just like a little Tony”

Saturday’s contest will be “Patriots Go Pink” Breast Cancer Awareness Game. The sorority Zeta Tau Alpha, Theta Chi Chapter of George Mason is helping with the event with the goal of raising breast cancer awareness and education in the George Mason community. The sorority will be handing out pink beads and pink ribbons throughout the concourse, while also decorating portions of Patriot Center with pink. Fans wearing pink can purchase a discounted $8 ticket at Patriot Center Box Office on the day of the game.


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