The Official Blog of Mason Athletics

Welcome to the New

At 12:01 a.m. today, the new launched. After a decade or so with CBS (previously College Sports Online) Mason has moved its athletics website to Neulion.

Take some time to explore the site and its new features. The tabs that allow you to flip between stories, schedules, results and the blog; the new video portal; the built-in Twitter feed, the roster pages that have headshots when you mouse-over names; and the schedule pages with countdowns to the next event as well as the ability to download sports schedules to Outlook.

Because of the switch from CBS to Neulion, it isn’t just a new look you’re seeing, but an entirely new site. And like any new site, there are bound to be bugs. Everyone at Neulion and Mason worked hard to make sure such issues were at a minimum, but please be patient as we get all those little things corrected.

We hope you enjoy spending time on the new site as much we enjoyed putting it together for you. Happy New Year.


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